At the beginning of this summer I collected sand on this island to create the best souvenir and gift you can imagine. I used this sand for making a special limited collection of concrete jewelry.  After drying I separated the different sizes. I combined the sand with cement and acryl sometimes using white cement instead of the grey one or adding blue pigments to the mixture.

The surface is polished so you can see the little stones, pebbles inside of the concrete.  Each piece is made individually and has a unique color and pattern. This special jewelry will always recall your happy days on the island.

Just for fun I dig my oldest relic of the Sziget Festival. That time it was called Diáksziget / Student Island and a day ticket cost 300 HUF, a bit less then 1 Euro.



The metal parts are made of a hypoallergenic material called surgical steel and stainless steel. The finished pieces are durable and waterproof.