My projects and ideas

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My name is Erika Fülöp… I live in Budapest, Hungary, Europe. I am an architect. I design not only buildings but also make concrete objects, mostly jewelry. In Collection you can see and browse my projects. Concrete as a material fascinates me so much that I would like to transplant its usage into our everyday life in a form of small objects. I like its flexible and many-sided nature. I like the way how I can combine it with different materials and how they affect to each other.

Steel and concrete projects:

Stainless steel is a very sophisticated, artificial  metal alloy. Very hard and resistant but also thin and shiny. Perfect for making jewelry, doesn’t change the color or shine over time.  My idea was to develop the quality of the concrete with the use of special aggregates so that it could reach the level of the steel. As two equal partners I can combine them in a form of unique jewelry. The usage of the beautiful and shiny steel upgraded the concrete and they form a nice combination. For the colored pieces I use colored sand coming from many home decoration shops.

Wood and concrete projects:

Unlike to steel wood is a natural material. When I use concrete and wood together I don’t want to show the more upgraded, more artificial side of the concrete so I use the plain, basic concrete mixture. Without any special aggregates and colored sand. Just the pure concrete and wood. I combine the two materials without any modification in the structure. The simple form emphasizes the natural diversification of  the polished surfaces of the wood and concrete.

Glass and concrete projects:

My latest combination is the glass and concrete. There are some ongoing experimentation with nice result. My idea was that if I would like to combine glass and concrete then I have to show the vulnerable side of the concrete. I made very thin concrete rods. So thin that they are fragile. And as a twist at the and the glass will protect the thin concrete rods from breakage and damaging.

Stone and concrete projects:

Coming soon….

Pure concrete projects:

I would like to show how many form the concrete can have. Without being  influenced by any other materials the concrete has its own characteristics.